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Neighborhood Companions, Inc. is a non-profit organization located in Baltimore County, Maryland that offers volunteer transportation and companion services to individuals aged 60 years and older. Our vision is to ensure that all older adults can live independently, feel safe, valued, and loved. Click here to learn more about our services.

Our Services

Neighborhood Companions, Inc. offers volunteer transportation and companion services to older adults aged 60 years and older. Our services are designed to help seniors maintain their independence and improve their well-being. Our team of dedicated volunteers is committed to providing safe, reliable, and compassionate care to our clients. Contact us to learn more about our services.

Services offered under Transportation:

  • Curb to Curb, where the driver picks up and drops off the rider only at the curb

  • Door to door, where the driver may escort the rider to and from the door of their home and/or destination

  • Door through door, i.e., the driver collects the rider from their home and walks the rider in to their appointment or destination

  • Fully escorted, where the driver accompanies the rider and provider assistance throughout the trip (e.g., waits with the rider for the doctor or helps with grocery shopping)

  • Rides are offered Monday through Sunday from 7 am to 7 pm.  Request rides at least 48 to 72 hours in advance and for best service at least 2 weeks in advance.  All rides are contingent on driver availability and ride requests are not guaranteed availability.

  • The rider must be ambulatory and able to access the vehicle with limited help.  Drivers can provide standby assistance as needed to guide or provide stability.  Individuals using oxygen tanks must have portable tanks and be able to manage their own equipment.

Services offered under Companionship

  1. Friendly Visits: Unwind with a friendly face! Our volunteers are here to share meaningful conversations, engage in activities, and create lasting memories. Whether it's enjoying a cup of tea, taking a leisurely stroll, or simply sharing stories, our friendly visits are designed to brighten each day.

  2. Respite for Caregivers: We recognize the tireless efforts of caregivers, and we're here to offer support. Our respite services provide caregivers with much-needed breaks, allowing them time for self-care while ensuring their loved ones receive companionship from our dedicated volunteers.

  3. Check in calls: 

  • Caring Conversations: Our dedicated volunteers are here to engage in meaningful conversations, offering a friendly ear to share stories, discuss interests, or simply chat about the day's happenings. Each call is a moment of connection that brightens the spirits and brings joy.

  • Routine Support: We understand the importance of routine and consistency, especially for our older community members. Our scheduled check-in calls provide a reliable source of support, creating a sense of security and comfort in their daily lives.

  • Wellness Check: Our volunteers are trained to perform gentle wellness checks during each call. From ensuring medications are taken to assessing overall well-being, we aim to contribute to the health and safety of our seniors while maintaining the dignity and independence they cherish.

Awareness-Partnership with Memory and Alzheimer's Treatment Center (MATC) at the Johns Hopkins Bayview campus

  • NCI volunteers will receive specialized training and support in identifying signs of cognitive conditions 

  • NCI Volunteers will be seamlessly guided through the referral process, connecting individuals in need with the center's comprehensive care and support services.

  • The Programs Director will educate our volunteers on creating tailored activities and companionship for those dealing with dementia and memory issues, empowering them to make a meaningful impact in the lives of both individuals and caregivers


Discover our reach! Our services extend to the vibrant communities of Baltimore County, with a focus on the Dundalk/Turner Station area.


We proudly serve residents within the zip codes 21219 to 21224, bringing support and companionship to enhance the lives of our neighbors. Explore our commitment to community well-being and connection in these welcoming neighborhoods.


Help us ensure that older adults in our community can live independently, feel safe, valued, and loved.

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